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    Naming and Taming Overwhelm
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  • Choosing Your Boundaries eCourse
    Part of the Transform Your Boundaries eCourses

    The lessons of this course are centered on learning the traits of the seven behavior patterns.

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  • Listening to your Boundaries eCourse
    Part of the Transform Your Boundaries eCourses

    This course explores the importance of caring for one’s self. Gain access to important skills, tools, information, and encouragement that will empower you to take care of yourself.

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Conferences and Workshops

Transform Your Boundaries® and
Naming And Taming Overwhelm® workshops

Sarri’s workshops and presentations are tailored for both personal and professional development. If you have a special interest or specific need for your group, Sarri will customize a training to meet your needs.
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Sarri's two books provide insight and help to your life...

Boundary Consultations

Do you need boundary help? Did you read Sarri’s book and have a question?

Contact Sarri for a boundary consultation. Boundary consultations are one hour by Skype or phone and appointments are scheduled by email.

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“It will challenge how you look at every human interaction. It is profound."

Karri Matau, Greater Everett Community Foundation