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Meaningful and memorable experiences for your group

Do you want a meaningful and memorable experience for your group?

Sarri’s workshops and presentations are tailored for both personal and professional development. If you have a special interest or specific need for your group, Sarri will customize a training to meet your needs. Below you will see some sample topics and workshops.

Boundary skills help prevent burnout, lower stress, and improve wellbeing.

Sample Topics for Keynotes:

1. Boundaries, Self-Care, and Sustainability - This is a significant topic for career development and leadership development. This is appropriate for companies that are developing their leaders. It is also helpful for volunteers and large volunteer-dependent efforts (such as Rotarys, Soroptomists and NPO’s). (Your specified length of time)

2. Leadership and Boundaries - 21st Century leaders are expected to manage a very complex landscape that requires a depth of skills. Mastering boundaries at every level will help leaders be healthy and allow them to grow healthy, strong teams. (Your specified length of time)

3. Wellbeing and Boundaries - For any group that wants a wellness boost. This is a fun skill-based workshop to increase your personal wellbeing. (Your specified length of time)

Naming and Taming Overwhelm® Workshop

Naming and Taming Overwhelm Workshop of 5-6 hours based on Sarri's book Naming and Taming Overwhelm

Transform Your Boundaries® Workshop

Transform Your Boundaries workshop of 3-6 hours based on Sarri's book Transform Your Boundaries

Please contact Erika Olson, Event Manager: 206-369-2467, to discuss your interest, group size and dates you are considering.