What are boundaries?

Boundaries are made of Yeses and Noes. Boundaries are our compass, the guidance system we use to make every single decision.


It is the way we navigate every relationship at home and in our work. And, we use these boundaries for our entire lives.

Boundaries are seriously important.

Our boundaries can be taxed, overwhelmed, and even depleted. People who work with people find their boundaries get used a lot.

It can be hard to see all the invisible ways that boundaries are at work in our lives and in our jobs.

There are the big obvious ways we perceive our boundaries, and there are, the less obvious, more difficult ways to perceive our boundaries. I will help you recognize, define and strengthen those boundaries.

I have created Transform Your Boundaries® to put you in touch with your own boundaries, your guidance system, and to teach you how this works to support you in your life.

Many people find themselves fighting with their own inner guidance system. You may find yourself doing what you think others need, doing what you "should", and not being clear about what you really need for you.

When I visit workplaces and do my workshop onsite, the workshop is customized to specifically address the workplace. Together we explore resiliency and boundaries that may need some rethinking or regular attention, to create a healthy experience for everyone.